It’s so easy to feel like your vote doesn’t matter. But YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER. I promise it does. If I can’t convince you that it matters for our country and for our political system, then know that it matters to ME, personally, the daughter of Latinx immigrants. It matters to all the minorities being targeted in this election.

Not voting at all is like saying Trump isn’t horrible enough to be worth voting against. Even if you don’t live in a swing state, popular vote is still a statement for our future, for our society, for our Congress and our Supreme Court.

It says, “It is NOT okay for this racism/ sexism/ islamophobia/ xenophobia/ homophobia to be promoted in our society.”

It says, “These bigots are NOT the majority here, as their loud voices would have you believe, and we will gather together to make sure they know this.”

It says, “Even if we are not being personally targeted, we care for our fellow Americans, and we will protect them as they would us.”

Voting against Trump says- “We still want you here. We respect you. We will fight for your rights. So don’t lose hope, don’t feel hated, don’t feel like you don’t belong.”

If you still won’t vote… think about every person you’ve met with an identity that is being targeted right now. Think about saying to their face- to MY face;

“We don’t care enough about your struggle, your fear, or your rights to do anything about it. When even the smallest help is demanded of us- we will not show up to support you.”

That’s what you’re saying, when you say you won’t vote. We hear it even if you may not. And it won’t end after the elections. This isn’t a one-time thing; these politics endure. You had better believe I won’t ever forget those “friends” who didn’t value the mental and physical health of myself, my family, and my other friends enough to tick a box on a page.

Your vote is a show of support, it’s a political and social and cultural and personal statement, and it means everything to your fellow Americans. Even if you STILL don’t feel like your vote matters to you, please take the knowledge that it matters SO MUCH to the rest of us. Please, please, please vote. It has never been more important.


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