Here’s the thing: when Trump first joined the Republican nominees, people said, “Don’t worry, he’s a joke. He’s not a politician. He doesn’t really want the job. He won’t really do anything. He’ll never become the Republican candidate.

And now, he’s been elected PRESIDENT. And this rhetoric that’s been going on for over a year still continues, undeterred; “He won’t actually do anything as president. Nothing will actually change. No one will take him seriously.” Etc, etc, etc.

Trump HAS been taken seriously. He HAS changed things already. HE is taking this seriously, even if some people watching aren’t. We can’t just stick our heads in the sand and chant “Nothing will change” and “Everything is fine” over and over. That kind of faux-optimistic denial-oriented thinking is what got us into this horrifying mess in the first place.

The fact that we need to continually and extensively justify to our fellow Americans WHY people have a RIGHT and a REASON to be worried just blows my mind. It’s a waste of the time and energy that we need now more than ever to stop things from getting even worse. If people ACTUALLY want things to be fine, they’ve gotta stop prompting us to waste our resources on explaining why it isn’t.

The only way to actually change things now is to put our money where our mouths are, to take real, quantifiable action as often as possible and encourage those around us to do so as well. Protests, petitions, lobbying, support groups, educational workshops, volunteering, mobilizing on social media- there are so many ways to exemplify the type of humanity we all want to see in the world right now.

America is not okay. And the first and most important step to make it better is to accept that it’s not.


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